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Have you ever wanted to hop on a boat and just take off? Captain Rob did just that, and took off for 5 years. One day, after a morning of surfing in Panama’s Pedsi District, he returned to his 41’ Morgan sailboat which was docked in a local bay.On the way to his trusty ship, Captain Rob noticed a school of Snapper swimming in the water near the dock. He scrambled into the boat to grab his spear gun and goggles and dove over the bow into the water. Within seconds he resurfaced with a fish frantically trying to get off the tip of his spear. He swam to the dock and handed the flopping fish to a local friend standing above him. The local reached down to grab the fish and with a thick accent said “your’re always in the water. You’re always keeping it wet.” Now we are a major surf style brand with a unique story.

He has lived the life first hand, and has met some incredible people, and gained some entertaining stories along the way.

Surf Style Clothing Brand

We are a clothing line built on a passion for anything water related. We truly believe in a lifestyle based around our personal motto “No Water, No Life”. Wether it be spearfishing, surfing, kayaking, kiteboarding, fishing, or just laying by the water, we want you to be comfortable and look good while doing it.

Keep N' It Wet has Humble Beginnings

Now a major surf style brand